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Scalability Essentials

In businesses undergoing rapid growth in sales or service requirements, it is vital to use a solution which can be upgraded quickly to match the expansion.

Most industry benchmarks provided by CRM vendors tend to use very simple business scenarios to establish scalability and hardware efficiency. Our scalability and associated benchmarks use real life complex business scenarios, conducted and verified by third-party experts. In addition, we examine the application behaviour and response under various conditions created using a combination of load testing, stress testing and soak testing.

Results of our most recent CRMnext scalability test demonstrated the following:

  • The CRMnext application scales effortlessly as user loads are ramped up without any impact on the application response time.
  • The application server (web farms) show no bottlenecks as transaction loads are increased.
  • The application architecture is excellent and able to ensure no blips, memory leaks, deadlocks or typical server operating system exhaustion.
  • It can be left running for long hours without needing any administrative help or auto-recovery features.
  • It require the least maintenance and attention when deployed in typical enterprise internet data centres (IDCs).
  • There was no appreciable increase in utilization of the application server stress and utilization despite the number of logged in users being increased by more than 300%.
  • The database server utilization remained consistent showcasing the effectiveness of CRMnext internal caching and invalidation practises.
  • No additional memory stress is caused on the database. After the ramp ups are complete, it remains range bound.
  • The application maintains its reliability by ensuring 100% response even under NL CPU > 91% and there are no deadlocks or time-outs.
  • The application utilizes around 1% more CPU on the application server with compression enabled.

CRMnext's scalability showcase

  • It is ultra-scalable, capable of fully exploiting hardware capabilities and can be deployed to address concurrency needs of any size.
  • The soak test outcomes establishes that CRMnext is capable of delivering 100% uptime when complimented with the right hardware topology.
  • The results conclusively established that the architectural excellence of CRMnext, demonstrating the benefits of using stateless components and caching techniques.
  • The application is suited to deal with any unexpected surge in usage traffic or "peak hour madness" with consistency and grace.


  • Scalability has not been achieved as a trade-off with response; the application stays equally responsive even as load increases.
  • Reliability of the application is extremely good, as indicated in the hardware breaking analysis.
  • CRMnext can be safely used with SQL server mirroring without risking any transaction integrity to segregate the reporting loads, desirable in ultra-scalable deployments.
  • The application provides for an extremely effective compression capability on its web farms which can enable enterprises to saves network costs.
  • The architectural purity of CRMnext enables it to take on more users without impacting response time, which is a function of transaction load alone.

Together, these benchmarks help establish the superiority of the CRMnext platform versus any claims made by competing CRM products. Enterprises can save on network cost by enabling smart network compression capabilities in our application without sacrificing performance.

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