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Move to a system of engagement

Unlock the potential of valuable enterprise data, make customized recommendations, and drive superior team performance

  • Get deep, data-driven insights

    Draw actionable insights by viewing customer accounts & holdings in context with financial objectives & transaction information

  • Personalize every touch point

    Utilize portfolio data, activity patterns, and embedded analytics to help traders make customized cross sell & up sell offers

  • Help teams to outperform

    Achieve better results with dashboards that deliver real-time data to track & review team performance across accounts

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Become a trusted partner

Improve operational speed with water-tight regulatory compliance, robust processes, quick collaboration possibilities, and secure workflows & approvals

  • Accelerate operational velocity

    Enable collaboration with domain specialists and traders to speed up decision-making and approvals

  • Build in compliance workflows

    Capture key customer data securely & execute transactions with confidence using CRMNEXT’s powerful workflow & approvals engine

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Nurture relationships with CRM for Securities

Capture leads from every touch point, achieve higher prospect conversion rates, and make service a key point of sale

  • Make every lead count

    Enable intelligent automated lead assignments in CRMNEXT and provide context-based coaching tips for higher conversion rates

  • Get holistic customer views

    Leverage data within CRMNEXT, social and third-party systems to get 360-degree views of prospects and make relevant sales pitches

  • Deliver best-in-class service

    Level up self-service capabilities & improve ‘First-Time-Right’ delivery with intuitive processes on mobile, web, and people-assisted channels

Digital CRM for Securities

Customer relationship management solution helps brokerage and financial companies increase their Assets under Management (AUM) and enhance their relationships with all the stakeholders. The important business partners include customers and franchisees that enable financial services to pursue a profitable business model. Most financial companies, like any growing organization, lack the required process maturity that result in disjointed processes. Especially vital in today's digital disruption, CRMNEXT digital CRM enables financial service providers to service their customers quickly, with incremental efficiency.

While new verticals emerge, the operational focus still remains on product centricity and though there is recognition to advance towards customer centricity, these strategies are often not activated. This, in effect, hinders the progress of such services. Securities are essentially fee/margin-based businesses that face high customer acquisition costs that need to be recovered quickly. The main objective of such services is to extract maximum profits during a client’s entire lifecycle.

Securities CRM helps companies in addressing the following challenges

1. How to create an intelligent and unified view of key investors that lists out the needs & risk profile?
2. How to gain the ability to identify up-sell/ cross-sell opportunities, thereby increasing wallet share?
3. How to become trusted financial advisors by providing a personalized portfolio mix to boost AUM and become a one-stop destination for all financial needs?
4. How to grow franchisee relationships and have better visibility across their sales processes to reduce the cycle time and prevent revenue leaks?
5. How to run focused acquisition campaigns to increase the investor base while decreasing cost of acquisition?
6. How to create a holistic view of customer interactions across all product lines and channels to provide superior customer service?
7. How to reduce process cost and wastage, at the same time, improving compliance and audit standards?
8. How to provide real-time insights into processes for pro-active follow-ups with the help intelligent reports & dashboards?

Securities CRM Software helps you to generate leads, manage customers and partner relationships, and automate sales processes to ensure downstream fulfilment. It also lets you execute campaigns comfortably and profitably.

Securities CRM provides business convenience that translates into improved customer retention, up-selling/ cross-selling, sales team performance and competitive advantage. It achieves this through service differentiation and comprehensive franchisee management.

CRM systems power large and medium sized financial companies in the following manner:
1. Holistic view of key investor.
2. Effective acquisition campaigns.
3. Increased wallet share.
4. Smaller process cost.
5. Reduced effect of salesforce attrition.
6. Enhanced franchisee performance.
7. Improved compliance and audit standards.
8. Utilization of Real-time reports.

CRMNEXT’s financial services CRM software enables workforce transformation by providing data & process centricity. It establishes an integrated desktop with a complete customer and partner view, while automating processes across functions like sales, services, marketing and operations. As a next generation platform, it creates customer centricity and facilitates process efficiency resulting in growth and improved profitability.

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