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business process management

Accelerate business cycles

Business moves at the speed of light. New ideas and new companies pop-up overnight to compete with your business. How can you stay agile enough to innovate and swiftly respond to changing consumer preferences and increasing competition? CRMNEXT gives you the tools to create zero touch, end-to-end, instant gratification customer journeys powered by agile visual process designer that seamlessly integrates front-end UI design with backend systems.

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  • Business Process Designer

    Automate processes and pictorially represent them easily, without installing any additional software

Enjoy Maximum Agility

The biggest issue enterprises grapple with is many siloed legacy systems which require IT resources and budget to change every time the market demands change. CRMNEXT adapts to the way you work. Using its codeless, visual interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can bring to life your end-to-end customer and employee journeys.

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  • Autoflow Designer

    Collect and update data on multiple screens with ease

  • Screenflow Designer

    Create journeys and flows based on individual business needs without any software implementation

Slash Integration Time

Enabling seamless integration between multiple systems in complex IT environments has been a legacy problem for every business. CRMNEXT is the obvious alternative to all those hours of downtime, tedious middleware engineering, and seemingly endless rounds of testing. That’s because CRMNEXT empowers you to implement codeless integration by using prebuilt patterns in our visual designer. The result – up to 80% savings in integration time!

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