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Make Data Actionable

Enterprise data is among the most valuable resources available to business. But it’s no good if it’s not put to use. Now you can rapidly pull information from the most complex data sources, transform it into usable, actionable, drilled-down insights, and view them in a format of your choice.

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  • Integrated Multi-Dimensional Analysis Engine

    Analyze data for your business with a combination of time, team, territory and product axis.

  • Easy-to-Use Interactive Report Designer

    Generate customized reports with an easy-to- use drag and drop facility that doesn't require any coding.

Simplify Report Sharing

One significant pain point for a lot of businesses is making sure team members get actionable reports when they enter office. Creating different presentations of the same data and filtering information depending on roles can be arduous when we’re talking thousands of employees. Our Sonic Blast report distribution system can

  • Sonic Distribution System

    Our Sonic Blast report distribution system can broadcast a single report to thousands of users, who will only see filtered data depending on their roles and permissions – all with ZERO manual intervention.

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