Are your sales & marketing teams missing their numbers?

To ascertain the effectiveness of marketing an sales teams, ask yourself the following questions -

  • Does your sales team site economic slowdown, when competitors are growing their market share?

  • Does your sales team spend too much of their productive time on non-core activities, resulting in target slippage?

  • Are your conversion ratios below the market average?

  • Does your marketing team have difficulty justifying their budget?

  • Do you still struggle to get accurate correlated forecasts and pipeline visibility?

  • Are your sales and marketing teams overworked, yet slipping on their targets?

If the majority of your responses to questions above are "Yes", there is a need to channelize and collaborate sales and marketing efforts.

Work against the wheels of despair

Often, the 'wheels of despair' exist in organizations, despite their best efforts to maximize productivity. As illustrated below, the counter-productive wheels usually cause hindrances to meetings, discussions and collaborations, resulting in below par win-rates and performance.


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The key is to work smarter, not just harder

  • Conjoin your marketing and sales functions, instead of leaving them loosely coupled, to improve conversion ratios.

  • Understand scientific processes behind sales, to bring inter-departmental synergies.

  • Analyse and replicate winning habits across product-lines, teams and geographies.

  • Use forecasting not just based on instinct but also on a combination of past performance, current pipeline and market sentiments.

  • Empower your sales force with timely insights through real-time analytics.

  • Measure sales conversion ratios, cycle time and probability of wins to arrive at an accurate pipeline.

8 way to enhance sales & marketing performance

  • Build symbiotic relationships - know your customers' profiles.

  • Cross-sell and up-sell effectively - keep track of customer needs, past purchases and buying behavior.

  • Work collaboratively - strive to become customer-centric, not departmental or product-centered.

  • Increase marketing effectiveness - follow closed loop marketing practices to increase ROI.

  • Reduce revenue leaks - carefully monitor the 'lead to sale' cycle.

  • Retain existing customers - use customer lifecycle value to improve sales and marketing plans.

  • Track competitors - monitor competition for each deal and optimize strategies to outshine them.

  • Prioritize top segment customers - improve loyalty and longevity of customers critical to bottom line revenues.

How can CRM help your teams meet their targets?

The key is to work smarter, not just harder

  • Increase profitability plus cut costs through streamlined processes and reduced wastage.

  • Improve relationships to boost growth by building a complete 360° customer view.

  • Facilitate cross-sell/ up-sell and pro-active need based targeted communication, resulting in more conversions thus incremental revenues.

  • Strengthen workforce and improve their productivity by supporting their informational needs and giving them productivity features to cut on non-core efforts.

  • Get real-time 'forecast vs target' report for pro-active mid-course correction.

  • Set-up a sales coach for guiding the team on the subsequent steps and direction to increase the probability of winning.

  • Integrate all customer touch points to offer a uniform experience resulting in service consistency and improved retention.

Integrating business strategies into sales and marketing processes, closing the loop and empowering sales teams with the right tools will definitely go a long way in ensuring that everyone gets their numbers.

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