Security Statement

CRMnext uses best-of-breed technology and practices to ensure that we offer the most advanced security. For better security, CRMnext only allows access to the application using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. We utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to provide your data extra level of security and encryption. Our multi-level security makes your data completely inaccessible to your competitors.

When you use the application, you are provided with unique username and passwords for each user. This ensures that only authenticated users are allowed to log into the system. Every time a user logins, a secured session is established using a secured cookie. These cookies are automatically set to expire if sessions are abandoned or you get cut-off from Internet. The company tracks none of your activities or linkages while using the application.

The application itself is hosted in a secure environment with military standard physical security and use of advance technology to protect against electronic invasion. These include firewalls, non-routable IP schemas, data encryption, Operating system lock downs, etc. For security reasons other propriety security measures and details are not published.