Cross Selling Models

CRM offers marketeers an opportunity to use customer databases and programs to drive profitability enhancement. It can be particularly effective in quickly rolling-out cost effective cross selling programs. Cross selling through CRMs achieves results within compressed time frames because it uses existing information, processes and products rather than inventing new ones.


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Right customer with right offer at the right time

When you want to sell additional products or value added services to your existing customers, you must know :

  • What are the fundamental customer segments in your portfolio?
  • What products are better suited for which segments?
  • What is a customer's propensity to purchase a product?
  • What is the best time to make an offer to a customer?
  • What is the optimal price point for a customer?

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When planning a cross-sell strategy, it's important to answer three fundamental questions for each customer:

  • Does this customer have the potential to be a high-value customer over the life of the relationship?
  • What is the next best product to offer for maximizing the customer's value?
  • Does this customer require an offer in order to make the purchase or is the customer likely to buy anyway?

Our cross sell analytics solution enables companies to leverage their existing customers and drive incremental revenue by offering them products that they are most likely to accept. The approach is flexible, hence you can quickly respond to changes in the marketplace and changes in customer behavior. CRMnext's reporting and analytics tools are robust and scalable to grow as your business grows.

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