Social Media

Get closer to your customers and peers by enabling social interactions with Digital CRM.

  • 75%

    Increase in
    Brand Awareness

  • 60%

    Increase in
    Social Campaign Response

  • 35%

    Increase In
    Positive Social Index

*Achieved by our CUSTOMERS


Track tweets and conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+

Integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ to capture mentions and conversations related to your brand and also competition, seamlessly with cloud CRM.

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Convert Tweets and conversations to Leads/ Cases

Resolve qureies at a faster rate and capture leads effectively by tracking tweets and conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

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Capture Profile Info for Contacts

Use social media platforms to capture profile info for contacts to understand them better and accordingly use for improving business with the customer.

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View Mutual Friends for Contacts

References can be acquired by viewing mutual friends of contacts, potential and current customers.

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Pulse- internal collaboration tool

Communicate with internal team members and share information about leads, service requests addressed, etc on the fly using Pulse, powered by CRMNEXT Digital CRM. Seek and provide help from peers to improve efficiency and effectiveness of teams.

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Sentiment Analysis

Study user behavior statistics, daily volumes, demographics, location, content tone, themes and trending topics for your product. Visibility on social media comments and experiences will ensure improved brand experience.

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Social Analytics

Get real-time analysis of your brand and competition in terms of brand presence, campaign effectiveness and customer experiences.

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Leveraging Social CRM

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Cross Selling Models

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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

  • In-touch with customers 24/7

    The motive behind every organization today is to enhance their relationship with customers and keep them delighted throughout by deploying a Cloud CRM software with exponential features.

    CRMNEXT's advanced social CRM tool helps in capturing information from multiple social media platforms like; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Google Plus, etc. to help managers gain a realistic understanding of consumer mindsets. It aids in continually monitoring what is being shared online about the brand and others by quantifying negative and positive feedback through sentiment analysis. Also, this advanced software for Social CRM helps in escalating negative comments for instant follow-ups to ensure timely action and avoid customer churn.

    CRMNEXT’s Social CRM functionality helps in creating Leads and Cases from social networking posts instantly, parallelly generating real-time analytics. Moreover, Social CRM solution enables businesses to redesign sales lead management processes, marketing strategy and customer service management by studying customers ‘posts on how they rate the company’s products and services, their feedback on product and service improvement, etc.

    1) ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ Publicity

    CRMNEXT’s social CRM tool, is designed to help employees identify all conversations on social networks which mention the company’s product. Also, tweets can be responded to immediately from CRMNEXT to keep track of interaction history.

  • 2) Influence Decision Makers

    These days’ consumers, make buying decisions based on feedback and opinions from relatives, colleagues and family. Social CRM plays an important role here, because one single negative comment about the company and its products can hamper the entire sales cycle. CRMNEXT’s social CRM functionality empowers employees to improve the quality of customer experience by efficiently handling cases and service requests by spotting complaints and comments on social networks and assigning them to the relevant teams instantly.

    Strengthening Business Relationships

    CRMNEXT’s social CRM can be used to build strong customer relationships by encouraging feedback from satisfied customers on a social network to improve credibility and generate interest from new consumers. Through this a lot of referrals can be acquired, which can then be sent to the right team member for follow-up.

    Some of the unique advantages that CRMNEXT’s Cloud Social CRM Software provides include:

    1) Social Analytics
    CRMNEXT’s social CRM can be used to study user behavior statistics, daily volumes, demographics, location, content tone, themes and trending topics related to the product. Also, the fact is that, visibility on everyones' experiences will ensure better decisions and improved brand awareness.

  • 2) Data Enrichment
    CRMNEXT’s advanced Social CRM Software enables team members to pinpoint the key people in an organization quickly and ensure that correct information is obtained through their LinkedIn profile. Also, a more holistic picture of an organization can be achieved by studying all relevant representatives’ profiles.

    3) Lead GenerationCRMNEXT’s social CRM software allows organizations to monitor new trends and search for comments on the products using keywords. Also, fresh leads can be generated from feedback and conversations posted on competitors' products.

    In a nutshell, saying the right thing at the right time, making accurate commitments and sharing the positive experiences of existing customers’ impresses prospects. By understanding interests, preferences and viewpoints through information customers have voluntarily shared, on one or multiple social networking sites - we are already many steps ahead in gaining a strong foothold and building the platform for a new relationship. CRMNEXT’s Cloud Social CRM Software helps employees to stay connected with customers and maintain their loyalty.