'High Impact CRM' Recognized Among Global Top 20 CRM Blogs, 2012

'High Impact CRM', a blog started by the CRMnext marketing team in 2011 was recognized as one of the top 20 CRM blogs globally by CRMOutsiders. CRMnext feels proud to be in the elite list of winners which include blogs from the most respected names in the CRM industry across the globe like Paul Greenberg, Michael Maoz (Gartner), Forrester, Beagle Research, etc. 

This is a great achievement in a very short period of time for the CRMnext team and the writer community of High Impact CRM blog which includes consultants, CRMnext customers and general consumers from various geographies.

On the occasion, Chris Bucholtz from CRMOutsiders said, "High Impact CRM blog is the clear result of good content, well-presented and free of sales pitch, is a great way to start building relationships with customers by answering their questions even before they have to approach you with them. The subject matter is all over the place, from the call center to the use of CRM data in cross-selling to the use of social media in customer support. The writers are an assortment of folks from India and elsewhere, but there's the clear, guiding hand of a good editor at work here - the tone is consistent, engaging and affable, even if the authors are not name brands in CRM. That's actually a good sign - we need more people who can explain CRM in plain language to the market, and High Impact CRM is providing some of these people with a place to hone their CRM storytelling skills."

About CRMnext

CRMnext is a specialist Customer Relationship Management product company with focus on ultra-scalable installations. The CRMnext team has a proven track record of delivering High-Impact CRM solutions in their key practice vertical of Banking, Insurance, Media, and Telecom. Unlike commodity CRM, CRMnext has been widely recognized as a proponent of strategy driven implementations.

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