CRMnext Updates Its ‘Workspaces’ Functionality To Enhance Content Management Across Teams

CRMnext launced its advanced Workspaces module which is an easy-to-use and completely searchable file repository. Multiple Workspaces can be created with access rights configured depending on the user's role and permission in the system to ensure highest level of information security. Labels can be assigned to the content as a Tag, which makes it easier to search content and also allow users to view the popularity of the shared content. Authors can specify the file types for content that is permitted for their Workspaces like PDF, XLS, DOC, Web links etc.

The Workspace Home page is segregated into five sections that display shared/ personal Content, popular tags, recent activities, top Content and most active contributors. Workspaces Details page contains information regarding the specifications and popularity of its Content. It also displays the Workspace's members and their activities related to its Content. Three customization options are also available for controlling the Shared Content that can be uploaded, these are - Manage Members, Tagging Rules and Content Rules. The 'Subscribe' option for Shared Content keeps relevant Users informed of any changes or updates to files or URLs.

On the occasion, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Product Architect, CRMnext said," New Workspace module ensures better content management capabilities for CRMnext users. Features like notifications for changes or new subscribed content and sharing their opinions about content added to Workspaces, add a thumb-up or thumb-down which is visible to the author will increase collaboration between users and help easy and fast access to any content they need. This will help to save a lot of time spent in getting relevant content and also improve the quality of content. It will also ensure better collaborations and complete transparency for knowledge sharing through a secure platform."

About CRMnext

CRMnext is the flagship product of  specialist CRM company, Acidaes Solutions. With a practice-led leadership in over 11 verticals including banking, insurance, financial services, pharma,  media, telecom and more, CRMnext is available on cloud and on-premise models globally. The company is headquartered in Delhi, India and has global office in Phillipines, Indonesia etc. 

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