CRMnext Updates Its Mailing List Functionality To Run Effective Email And SMS Campaigns

CRMnext introduces advanced Mailing Lists functionality to enable creating static and dynamic mailing lists from existing leads, contacts, customers, partners, uploaded database or an external database. Mailing lists can also be created using a report, for instance - top customers, neglected customers, top opportunities, specifying multiple criteria based on location, product holding, interests, etc. or any related data point.

CRMnext users can also manually select members from mailing lists for executing their campaigns. These lists can then be associated with a campaign to manage the response generated by the campaign for future reference. Mailing lists can also be generated using a report, for instance top customers, neglected customers, top opportunities, etc. Mailing lists can also display the data points used during selection of the members in addition to contact details like email, mobile and physical address. Static mailing lists are created one time by specifying the selection criteria and used for executing the campaign. New members need to be manually added to these lists. In case of dynamic lists, members are automatically added as and when any new lead, contact, customer, etc. matches the defined criteria.

On the occasion, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Product Architect, CRMnext, said, "As competitors grow, marketing strategies need to become more effective by targeting the most potential leads. The new mailing list functionality along with report source feature ensures greater precision when segmenting target audience for campaigns. Mailing Lists also allows permitted users to configure mail and SMS blasters without the headache of duplicate and invalid email IDs or mobile numbers".

About CRMnext

CRMnext is the flagship product of  specialist CRM company, Acidaes Solutions. With a practice-led leadership in over 11 verticals including banking, insurance, financial services, pharma,  media, telecom and more, CRMnext is available on cloud and on-premise models globally. The company is headquartered in Delhi, India and has global offices in UAE, Oman, Qatar etc. 

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