CRMnext Launches Advanced Data De-duplication Capabilities Helping To Ensure Highest Level Of Data Quality

CRMnext launched an advanced data de-duplication functionality to identify and eliminate similar records that already exist in the system and prevent duplicate records at the entry level. It serves as a foundation for ensuring the highest level of data quality. CRMnext provides the capability to run a de-duplication process on internal as well as external databases.

The de-duplication feature helps to configure complex criteria as per customers' business needs. After the rule is set, users can choose at the entry level, to create separate records as per their assessment or merge their data with an entry of records already available in CRMnext. This can be further merged into the database with the 'best-fit' record. Unique and consolidated business data ensures that every business decision made is based on the correct information. With effective de-dupe rules, businesses can save enormous time by avoiding rework and reducing sales and marketing operations costs.

On the occasion, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Product Architect, CRMnext said, "With exponential growth in data across enterprises of all sizes, the new advanced de-duplication functionality will ensure organizations of highest quality of data hygiene to in turn boost marketing and sales effectiveness. The scope of internal and external de-duplication is very extensive in CRM space and will exponentially improve efficiencies and effectives of businesses to execute short term and long term strategies.".

About CRMnext

CRMnext is a specialist Customer Relationship Management product company with focus on ultra-scalable installations. The CRMnext team has a proven track record of delivering High-Impact CRM solutions in their key practice vertical of Banking, Insurance, Media, and Telecom. Unlike commodity CRM, CRMnext has been widely recognized as a proponent of strategy driven implementations. It has its global offices in Vietnam, Indonesia and other South Asian countries.

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