CRMnext Enhances Social CRM Capabilities with Advanced Twitter Management Updates

CRMnext launches new updates for twitter conversation management to facilitate capturing tweets pertaining to specific brands, products, services, competitors, etc. and listing them on CRMnext's Twitter Conversation home page with pre-configured assignment rules and sentiment analysis. Users can filter these tweets and view the details of relevant conversations to better understand their sentiment and study their profile information. Tweets that are important or contain critical information can be instantly converted to Leads, Cases or Contacts with the click of a button.

CRMnext users can now view tweets related to their specific department or products which are captured on the basis of preconfigured keywords. When viewing the summary for a particular conversation, all pertinent author information will be displayed like published on, follower count, friend count, sentiment, etc. In addition, status report on the lead or case captured from the tweet will also visible.

"With the new update for Twitter conversations, users now have a powerful Social CRM tool that will search millions of tweets on real-time basis to identify and capture those which are relevant. These can then be filtered on the basis of a specific sentiment and immediately converted to Leads or Cases. This will help organizations adopt, implement and benefit from social CRM practices in a faster and convenient way." Dr. Manoj Kumar, Product Architect, CRMnext.

About CRMnext

CRMnext is the flagship product of  specialist CRM company, Acidaes Solutions. With a practice-led leadership in over 11 verticals including banking, insurance, financial services, pharma,  media, telecom and more, CRMnext is available on cloud and on-premise models globally. The company is headquartered in Delhi, India. 

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