Leveraging Social CRM

Social Media and CRM

Saying the right thing at the right time, making accurate commitments and sharing the positive experiences of existing customers impresses prospects. By understanding interests, preferences and viewpoints through information customers have voluntarily shared on one or multiple social networking sites - we are already many steps ahead in gaining a strong foothold and building the platform for a new relationship. Social CRM software tools ensure you always keep in touch with your customers and maintain their loyalty.

With social CRM tools, you know before interacting with decision-makers whether they are from Harvard or Stanford, reside in New Jersey or New York, worked for GE or GM and so on. All this information and more is available on social networking websites - no detective or executive assistant was required to gain access to these details!

A CRM facilitates access to data in real-time from prospects and customers who are sending queries, suggestions and complaints about your products or services through social networks. These conversations are visible to a multitude of people inside and outside their networks, keeping track of them to ensure follow-ups are effective is essential.

How can social media be used by businesses?

To increase their efficiency and effectiveness, most successful businesses today are using a CRM solution to store actionable data that can be analyzed and studied for up-selling, cross-selling, achieving better market penetration and increasing customer satisfaction.

A CRM solution can use the real-time information from social networking sites in myriad ways to improve customer-centricity, prevent churn, convert leads and improve products or services. Here are a few examples-

  • Create Leads and Cases from posts with the click of a button.
  • Compare a future prospect or existing customer's current interests and opinions with your organization's product or service offerings, this increases win rates significantly.
  • A CRM user interface can display information for specific leads and customers' Profiles, Mutual Friends, Comments, etc.
  • View visitors' comments on your company's website through RSS Feeds, this provides data for understanding opinions and feedback.
  • Search for Tweets containing a particular keyword like 'insurance', spot related prospects or feedback instantly.


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How can you get started?

Select an appropriate social network

  • Identify your target audiences and find a social network that is the most popular with them.

Create your profile

  • Create a Fan Page - attract fans and encourage more interaction.
  • Create a profile for your business on LinkedIn and share information.
  • Twitter - study real-time conversations and 'follow' others in your industry.
  • Create social network links on your company's website or blog - allow people to post comments and share information.

Shield your reputation

  • Locate unhappy customers quickly and provide solutions to their issues before they dent your reputation.
  • Always avoid falsely promoting products or services and publishing misleading information.

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