Accelerate customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty and improve partner management. Transform from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization with your Cloud CRM.


Grow Business with Effective Channel Management

  • Get complete visibility to manage distribution channels and sales on a single platform.
  • Gain proactive updates on channel performance to determine true business value and forecast demand.
  • Execute promotional campaigns with partners effectively to boost acquisition.
  • Segment channels, set targets, review progress, assist in sales and service to enhance performance.
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Enjoy Faster Lead Conversion

  • Manage leads across multiple channels of acquisition on a single window platform.
  • Increase efficiency by reducing response time through automated lead assignment.
  • Accelerate customer acquisition with streamlined marketing campaigns.
  • Apply lead nurturing strategies using direct marketing and telemarketing.
  • Build mechanisms to ensure timely action on leads.

Improve Customer Profitability

  • Segment customers in value bands based on profitability and revenue.
  • Facilitate shift from ‘volume’ to ‘value’ based relationships.
  • Run focused programs to improve customer quality.
  • Increase wallet-share by cross-selling to existing customers.
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Reduce Churn and Increase Retention

  • Identify cross-sell opportunities with insights into category, subscribed services and potential.
  • Mine usage pattern for value segmentation and create personalized offers to increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).
  • Run proactive retention and acquisition campaigns to prevent churn and increase customer base with Digital CRM.
  • Capture market share with innovative marketing models.

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Accelerate service request resolutions across channels.
  • Implement inter-departmental workflow synchronization to ensure timely resolution of requests.
  • Monetize goodwill using 'Service-to-Sales' processes to cross- sell value added products.
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Strengthen Workforce Management

  • Ensure accountability by deploying preventive alerts to avoid escalations.
  • Get detailed insights into teams' day-to-day activities and progress.
  • Use in-built knowledge retention to combat the adverse effects of sales force attrition.
  • Deploy best practices like generating action taken reports, important date reminders like customer events, due payments, service lapses etc.
  • Upgrade workforce & partner skill set using targeted self-paced training programs.

Utilize Advanced Reporting

  • Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.
  • Move from ‘fragmented’ to a ‘unified’ multi-system collated reporting.
  • Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.
  • Provide actionable insights that can help you take critical decisions in real time.
  • Boost results by measuring and improving key performance indicators.
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Can your In-house System accelerate growth?

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Is your customer strategy aligned with your customer experience?

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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

  • About CRMNEXT’s Telecom Edition:

    Interconnectivity is the basis to the modern telecom industry. 4G/3G technologies have scaled up telecom service offerings and customers prefer increased integration in their daily life. Digital CRM for telecom helps telecom service providers maximize customer acquisition, improve service satisfaction and boost revenue by streamlining processes and consolidating customer data spread across multiple systems. Telecom CRM has powerful distributor management capabilities that enables a seamless transformation from a ‘product-centric’ to a ‘customer-centric’ organization required to succeed in a competitive market. Telecommunication is emerging as a key sector that benchmarks a country's progress.

    Telecom CRM creates a common execution platform for all customer facing departments by integrating with various systems to provide easy access to information and create efficient workflows. It also facilitates a comprehensive channel management right from acquisition to segmentation to identifying potential, target setting and complete service assurance process, thereby providing a good insight into complete value chain.

  • Cloud CRM for telecom helps companies in addressing the following challenges:

    1. How to manage distribution channel performance and relation?
    2. How to increase new customer acquisition and reduce churn?
    3. How to segment customers for targeted cross selling campaigns?
    4. How to improve work force productivity and performance?
    5. How to ensure fast & accurate resolutions to customer complaints and service requests?
    6. How to manage customer experience across channels?
    7. How to reduce process wastage while ensuring compliance?

  • Large and medium sized companies can benefit from high-impact telecom CRM software as it ensures the following:

    1. End-to-end sales management.
    2. Diverse systems on a single interface.
    3. Study competitors to increase win rate.
    4. Key account management.
    5. Prevent customer churn.
    6. Effective product pricing strategies.
    7. Customer data segmentation for faster ARPU.
    8. Better coordination for faster resolutions.

    Telecom Cloud CRM ensures uniform customer experience across all touch points. It helps in managing customer acquisition, cross-selling and workforce transformation by collating data and ensuring service levels using process centricity. It establishes an integrated desktop across stakeholders and departments while automating processes for different functions like sales, services, marketing and fulfilment.