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Transform shopping experiences

Get 360-degree customer views, create bespoke shopping experiences, and convert shoppers into customers quicker

  • Get holistic customer views

    Integrate data within Retail CRM, social and third-party systems to get unified, 360-degree customer views in a single snapshot

  • Personalize shopping experiences

    Leverage 360-degree customer data to get deep, actionable insights and craft personalized experiences

  • Acquire customers quicker

    Use CRMNEXT’s omnichannel capabilities to unify operations on web, mobile, social, in-store and beyond while establishing end-to-end process automation

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Service like never before

Achieve service excellence, structurally lower costs, and make service a point-of-sale

  • Unify the experience

    Equip associates to service customer needs by leveraging CRMNEXT’s smart integrated platform at every touch point anytime, anywhere, and across devices

  • Make it First-Time-Right (FTR)

    Level up self-service capabilities & improve ‘First-Time-Right’ delivery with intuitive processes on mobile, web, and people-assisted channels

  • Service to Sale

    Utilize purchase histories, activity patterns, and embedded analytics to help systems and associates offer in-context, relevant products & services to customers

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Empower the workforce

Equip the workforce with the tools to excel, drive collaboration, and track performance

  • Accelerate speed of operation

    Enable teams to do more anytime, anywhere across devices on a single, unified platform that provides deeper insights and real-time reports & dashboards for faster decision-making

  • Boost collaboration

    Enable cross-functional collaboration with in-house communication and social platforms to improve knowledge management, speed up decision-making and special approvals

  • Skill up to succeed

    Leverage the power of digital retail crm to upskill team members with self-paced learning options and create robust knowledge management frameworks

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Digital CRM for Retail

Retail companies envision moving their businesses closer to their customers. For these companies to be successful, it is essential they have a seamless processes, smooth partner governance, aligned channel inventory management, efficient credit and debit authorizations, effective point-of-sale management, quantifiable metrics and profitable services. To achieve this manufacturing and retail companies often face roadblocks.

Digital CRM software for retail aims at catering to the needs of companies by transforming raw materials to finished goods for various industries like chemicals, construction, engineering, food and beverages, plastics, transportation, etc. It provides design registration and business opportunity management, quotes, point-of-sale management, claims management, price protection, channel inventory management, sales incentives and advance reporting on key performance indicators to take midcourse corrective measures.

The retail CRM software is also capable of integrating with vendor order systems, contracts tracking and partner inspections. Employing customer centric processes and workflows to monitor and assist your partners will drive profitable revenue growth. CRMNEXT is ideal for empowering aspiring retail channel stewards.

Digital Retail CRM helps in addressing the following challenges:

1. How to have greater control over various partners with a higher degree of accountability and audit trails for monitoring them?
2. How to manage long sales cycles – innovation, demand creation, supply to market, fulfillment, operations and support?
3. How to comprehensively address time-to-market pressures by ensuring timely deliverables and mitigating risks?
4. How to reduce uncertainty while managing a complex supply chain?
5. How to reliably address requests, issues and complaints across customer touch-points and ensure fast, accurate and consistent resolutions?
6. How to effectively handle onsite/offsite repairs and spare part inventory tracking?
7. How to profitably manage assurance cycles – reducing contract lapses, cross-selling extended warranties and honoring service claims?
8. How to develop profitable relationships with suppliers, channel partners, service partners and customers?

Large and medium sized manufacturing /retail companies can benefit from a high-impact retail CRM system as it ensures the following:

1. Customer lifetime analysis.
2. EOptimization for pricing and promotions.
3. Integration with loyalty engine.
4. Market Segmentation.
5. Case and solution management.
6. Analytics for customer satisfaction.
7. Centralized data for multiple campaigns.
8. Store revenue and profitability analysis.

CRM solution for retail not only enables businesses to attract, engage and retain profitable customers, but also successfully acquires and nourishes profitable partners. It additionally facilitates cost-effective inventory management, enhanced productivity and real-time pipeline visibility.

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