Mutual Funds

Increase AUM by enhancing customer experience, streamlining processes, improving distributor management and facilitating workflows with third party agencies on a common Cloud CRM Platform.


Enhance Distributor Relationships

  • Segment your distributors into various value bands.
  • Discover and work on neglected distributors
  • Get information about competitor influence, historical trend analysis and predict distributor attrition.
  • Run acquisition programs to acquire and distribute leads to the relevant distributors.
  • Set collaborative targets, review progress and continually follow-up to improve performance.
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Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

  • Empower teams with a comprehensive 360° view of a customer portfolio.
  • Respond to service complaints and provide information for investment needs across channels on a single system.
  • Implement multi-department workflows for timely resolution of service requests.
  • Monetize service satisfaction using 'Service-to-Sales' campaigns.
  • Enforce unified TAT across processes; ascertain compliance and accountability by using escalations metrics.
  • Adhere to strict SLA targets.

Increase Campaign ROI with Joint Marketing Programs

  • Facilitate execution of joint marketing campaigns & events with distributors.
  • Assign leads to key distributors using automated workflows.
  • Support partners' requisitions for marketing & sales collaterals.
  • Provide insights into marketing ROI and performance using intelligent reports.

Unlock the Power of Transactional Data

  • Translate transactional data into detailed information to understand trends.
  • Take advantage of consistent monitoring to improve supervision and tracking of distributors.
  • Plug in revenue leaks.

Strengthen Workforce Management

  • Ensure accountability by deploying preventive alerts and escalation metrics.
  • Get insights into teams' day-to-day activities and progress.
  • Utilize knowledge banks to counter the adverse effects of sales force attrition.
  • Deploy best practices like action taken reports, important date reminders like policy renewals, lapses, etc.
  • Upgrade workforce & partner skill sets using targeted self-paced training programs.
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Use Powerful Reporting Tools

  • Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.
  • Move from ‘fragmented’ to a ‘unified’ multi-system and collated reporting.
  • Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.
  • Get detailed insights that are effective in decision making.
  • Boost results by measuring and improving critical performance indicators in real time on a single platform.


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Using Cloud CRM to boost call center performance.

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Is your customer strategy aligned with your customer experience?

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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

  • About CRMNEXT’s Mutual Fund Edition:

    Digital CRM for asset management helps mutual fund houses enhance customer retention, goodwill and boost revenues. It does so with the help of Cloud CRM, that streamlines processes, improving distributor management and facilitating cross-function workflows on a single technology platform.

    Mutual Fund CRM software helps eliminate any risk by making all necessary documents available across all touch points on a real-time basis. Executives need not hop between multiple windows and systems, or go through multiple registrars to get customer information. All the information is collated and displayed on a single window giving a 360⁰ view seamlessly.

  • CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for mutual fund helps fund houses in addressing the following challenges:
    1. How to create an intelligent, unified view of customers and their needs?
    2. How to provide valid and latest distributor-wise AUM data to help relationship managers drive campaigns and performance?
    3. How to influence corporate investment decisions to channel funds into right asset classes?
    4. How to use registrar data to build stronger relationships, spot trends, movements and detect early warnings?
    5. How to segment distributors & focus limited resources on higher potential relationships?
    6. How to plan and aid distributors to expand their customer base and AUM?
    7. How to effectively train workforce, distributors and key influencers on new products, value-additions and complementing skills?
    8. How to manage competition by empowering relationship managers with data to grow & measure the width/depth of relationships?
    9. How to ensure optimal service quality to investors & distributors, across a complete financial eco-system?
    10. How to analyze reports of marketing efforts to aid in better campaign management?

  • Large and medium sized houses can benefit from Cloud CRM software as it ensures the following:

    1. Build faster corporate relationships.
    2. Assist distributor’s customer expansion.
    3. Spot trends and movements.
    4. Empower RMs with data.
    5. Generate alerts for registrar data.
    6. Manage current distributor AUM.
    7. Measure width and depth of relationships.
    8. Ensure in-depth knowledge management.

    Asset management companies (AMCs) often have distorted visions due to the complexities involved in creating a single repository of actionable data. In such scenarios, most CRM initiatives become departmental in nature, solutions that quickly become part of the problem. Furthermore, the next generation CRM software is uniquely complemented by ‘Trend Server’, an analytical engine, purposefully built for AMCs. Using the intelligence gathered from Trend Server, CRMNext ushers in complete practices, streamlined processes and consolidated systems, ensuring that it quickly becomes a single destination for all stakeholder needs.