Smart integrated platform to boost sales by driving customer relationships, intelligent trend analysis on brand spending, wallet share, account planning and media inventory.


Manage Brands to Maximize Wallet Share

  • Integrate with third party systems to track spends by various brands.
  • Run pertinent acquisition campaigns on missed clients based on published data.
  • Perform client-wise competition analysis to develop strategies.
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Engage Agencies to Build Profitable Partnerships

  • Create a 360° view of agencies along with their clients and brands.
  • Determine influence levels of agencies to aid in account planning.
  • Track agency performance to maximize potential revenues.
  • Develop profitable pricing mechanisms by closely working with agencies.

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Service customer requests, slot rescheduling and complaints across channels using a single system.
  • Integrate with traffic scheduling systems to facilitate effective reconciliations of spot drops.
  • Ensure consistency in customer interactions across various stakeholders at all point of contact.
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Strengthen Workforce Management

  • Ensure accountability by deploying preventive alerts and escalation notifications.
  • Get insights into teams' day-to-day activities and progress.
  • Use in-built knowledge retention to combat the adverse effects of sales workforce attrition.
  • Deploy best practices like action taken reports, important date reminders like policy renewals, lapses, etc.
  • Upgrade workforce & partner skill set using targeted and self-paced training programs.


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Using CRM to boost call center performance.

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Is your customer strategy aligned with your customer experience?

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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

  • About CRMnext’s Media Edition:

    CRMnext’s CRM for media provides comprehensive relationship management solutions for media companies to boost revenues by streamlining processes, on a powerful technology platform that helps build richer relationships to retain, grow and acquire new accounts.

    In recent years, with the advent of internet, the media industry has shown extraordinary growth by embracing new media and broadcasting techniques. With scrupulous and careful account planning, sales execution and analysis, potential can be monetized like never before. The real difficulty lies in catching up and competing against the top media houses, while trying to increase sales and boost efficiency.

    Media CRM software provides complete account management with insights into the sales pipeline and incorporates analytics from AdEx/ Aircheck/ TAM to facilitate taking corrective measures for maximizing revenue. It also helps in monitoring inventory commitments and integrates with media core systems like Traffic and Finance for last mile updates.

    With pre-built processes for multimedia space/ timeslot sales and unified views of the accounts across departments like sales, creative, revenue planning, production and traffic, it is designed to address the needs of every media house.

  • CRMnext’s CRM system for media helps companies in addressing the following challenges:

    1. How to ensure end-to-end visibility into the ad sales process, right from prospecting through the creative/ proposal stage to inventory commitment, traffic planning and finally closure?
    2. How to provide up-to-date analysis on advertising budgets and spends and slice/dice data account-wise, brand-wise, media-wise to maximize wallet share?
    3. How to collate and analyze competitors using AdEx/ Aircheck/ TAM data to track lost opportunities and use pre-built automated workflows to target the same?
    4. How to grow existing relationships with accounts, media agencies, advertising agencies, PR firms, etc. and retain interaction histories to nullify the adverse effects of sales force attrition?
    5. How to segment media and advertising agencies based on their influence over different customer segments and incremental business value?
    6. How to provide a single 360° view of accounts - the brands they foster, current and past advertising patterns, loyalty and other competing campaigns, credit profiles and pending customer issues?
    7. How to reliably coordinate, collaborate and follow-up customer requests and complaints, across channels to ensure fast & accurate resolutions?

  • Large and medium sized companies can benefit from a high-impact media CRM software as it ensures the following:

    1. Single interface for account details.
    2. End-to-end visibility for ad sales.
    3. Smooth multi-departmental collaborations.
    4. Effective rapport building through channel management.
    5. Analyze customer loyalty.
    6. Reports on interaction history.
    7. Current and past marketing trends.
    8. Budgets and expenses for campaigns.

    CRM software for media enables sales workforce transformation by providing data & process centricity. It establishes an integrated desktop with a complete 360° view of accounts, while automating processes across functions like sales, services, marketing and operations. As a next generation platform, it creates customer centricity and strengthens relationships, resulting in enhanced growth and improved profitability.