Increase revenues and customer loyalty by streamlining processes, improving partner management and providing actionable intelligence at front-ends on a single Cloud CRM platform.


Enhance intermediary & agent management

  • Segment your partners into various value bands
  • Run a relationship management program to ensure greater mindshare
  • Build complete 360° view of intermediaries and agents.
  • Build loyalty by aiding them in sales
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Enhance customer experience and loyalty with Digital CRM

  • Service customers and intermediaries across channels on a single platform.
  • Implement multi-department workflows to ensure timely resolution.
  • Build escalations and alerts to ensure timely action.

Execute high impact campaigns

  • Facilitate execution of joint marketing campaigns & events with intermediaries.
  • Use referral management to provide generate quality low cost leads
  • Assign leads to key partners using automated workflows.
  • Provide insights into marketing ROI and performance.
  • Reduce cycle time to launch new products with Digital CRM.
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Maximize Cross-sell/Up-sell opportunities

  • Provide cross sell offers at all touch-points and a fast track closure process.
  • Assess household portfolio for risks and needs to identify current value and potential.
  • Monetize service satisfaction goodwill using Service-to-Sales process.

Empower workforce, bring operational efficiency

  • Ensure accountability by deploying preventive alerts and escalations.
  • Provide complete 360° customer/distributor view including segments, interactions, complaints, policy holdings, claims, etc. on a single window.
  • Make available key information, analysis and action items to assist users
  • Deploy best practices like action taken reports, important date reminders like policy renewals, lapses, etc.
  • Upgrade workforce & partner skill set using targeted self-paced training programs.
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Advanced Reporting

  • Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.  
  • Move from fragmented to a unified multi-system collated reporting.
  • Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Boost results by measuring and improving critical performance indicators  


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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

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Are your sales & marketing team missing their numbers?

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Cross Selling Models

  • Digital CRM for Insurance helps general & life insurance companies enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenues by streamlining processes, improving intermediary  management and providing actionable intelligence at front-ends on a single technology platform. As insurance products get more commoditized, customers are being influenced by multiple channels to make their buying decisions.

    Advertising efforts are being countered by comparison portals, insurance advisors and corporate alignments. Also, a large share of business is driven through intermediaries where information challenges exist for effective management. Meanwhile companies continue to face stiff revenue targets spread across too many stakeholders who struggle to deal with too many processes, systems and geographies.

    Contemporary CRM for insurance companies often have annexed visions due to the complexities involved in creating single repository of actionable data. In such scenarios, most CRM initiatives become departmental in nature, point solutions that quickly become part of the problem.

    CRMNEXT’s Cloud Insurance CRM solution, with its advanced integration capabilities is able to streamline processes, implement integrated practices and consolidate data across various systems (underwriting, claims, policy management, etc). It further helps in consolidating partner & customer profiles, manage referrals, new policy issuance, servicing needs and campaign strategies.

  • CRMNEXT’s CRM software for insurance companies helps in addressing the following challenges:

    1. How to effectively collaborate with network of agents and intermediaries to get better visibility of sales processes, reduce cycle times and prevent revenue leaks?
    2. How to provide valid, up-to-date intermediary-wise performance data to help relationship managers drive revenues?
    3. How to influence corporate buying decisions, while working to forward relationship width?
    4. How to ensure optimal service quality to customers & intermediaries, across a multi-source eco-system?
    5. How to evolve a complete 360° view of customers along with their policy holdings, risk profile, premium payments, claims history, to judge true value of relationship?
    6. How to tap complete household/account potential to offer personalized products as per requirement and propensity using cross-sell/up-sell techniques?
    7. How to provide proactive real-time insights into processes for actions, with intelligent reports & dashboards?
    8. How to comply with ever changing insurance regulations?

  • Large and medium sized insurance companies can benefit from a Digital insurance CRM software as it ensures the following:

    1. Intermediaries & agents management
    2. Strengthened corporate relationships
    3. Enhanced Customer experience and satisfaction
    4. Improved Joint partner marketing programs
    5. Cross-sell/Up-sell opportunities
    6. Improved Efficiency, waste reduction

    Furthermore, by using the Cloud CRM software for Insurance, companies can create a complete intermediary and customer 360° view, while automating processes across functions like sales, services, marketing and operations. Due to its unique approach and analytical capability it allows companies to progress their relationships, resulting in growth and profitability.