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Digital Onboarding

Onboard quickly, easily, seamlessly and painlessly

  • Smart, Configurable & Integrated Process

    Efficient and fast onboarding with reduced length of administrative cycle resulting faster turnaround time.

  • Digital Process

    Move to Zero TAT world, re-engineer your process to be Zero Touch

  • Digital as a Differentiator

    Level up self-service capabilities & improve ‘First-Time-Right’ delivery with intuitive processes on mobile, web, and people-assisted channels

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    Deliver right information to the right person at the right time in the right channel
    • Superior Results with Catalyst Performance ModelerTM

      Top management can track & review meetings planned/scheduled by RMs for a defined period, follow-ups, and resulting opportunities. Get a real-time view of opportunity pipeline and conversion rates.

    • Value-Driven Activities

      RMs can track Key Account Value to monitor their own performance and prioritize activities. Track budgets & annual plans with current achievements for existing customers while recording journeys from prospect-to-opportunity-to-customer for new customers.

  • Unified Views to drive Wallet-Share

    Actionable intelligence avaliable anytime on any device
    • Richer Customer Profiles

      RMs can build immensely rich customer profiles as they record details of interaction histories and integration with third party databases that lay the foundation for more meaningful, long-term business relationships.

    • Many Touchpoints, One View

      Customers often have multiple touchpoints with an enterprise through different RMs. Now keep RMs up-to-date with every activity related to a particular customer to avoid communication redundancy while increasing wallet-share.


Do more, anytime, any device

  • Simple, Integrated Calendar Management

    RMs no longer need to log tasks and appointments into multiple calendars. With an intuitive and mobile calender RMs get a quick snapshot of tasks, appointments, and meetings from the palm of their hands, no matter where they are.

  • Optimized Opportunity Pipelines

    RMs can put away those dreadful spreadsheets and mail trails. Managing opportunities is now one swipe away, utilizing one system online for anytime, anywhere access

  • Actionable Dashboards

    RMs can create customized reports with drill down capabilities. Make faster decisions by interpreting trends and context with an intuitive interface

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About CRMNEXT Corporate Banking Edition:

CRM for corporate banking has grown from an account based perspective to a relationship based one. CRMNEXT's corporate banking edition empowers banks to boost account experience and grow assets by increasing engagement activities.

CRMNEXT is the largest corporate banking CRM in the world. Through it, banks can create transformational journeys that enhance account loyalty, delivers faster turnaround time and improve customer relationship. Free from the limits of branch banking, relationship managers through corporate banking CRM, can engage with key accounts anytime, anywhere and from any device. This takes on strategic importance in this age of digital disruption.

CRM in corporate banking creates relationships that are more than just transactions. It does it with the help of 'corporate memory'. This captures the following information:

1. Product holdings
2. Income
3. Limits
4. Outstanding
5. Retail connects
6. Subsidiary information
7. Supplier and dealer information
8. Corporate lending
9. Treasury
10. Insurance
11. Mutual fund holdings etc.

The single platform will also have detailed information related to corporate group and contact hierarchy.

Corporate are now able to gather personalized intelligence through their RMs. Others benefits of using CRMNEXT corporate banking CRM are as follows:

1. Faster sales response powered by virtual simulators
With dynamic RAROC (suggested what-if scenarios) computational capability during customer meeting and negotiations, key customers will enjoy faster response for pricing based on multiple parameters.

2. Informed Relationship Managers
Corporate accounts interact with multiple RMs. With a banking CRM, each RM will have complete, consistent and up to date information of the corporate. This removes the ambiguity in interactions with multiple RMs and stakeholders.

3. Delightful service experience
Customers have complete visibility of SLAs, turnaround time for various queries, complaints and requests. With RMs assisted by a single 360 view through corporate banking CRM, customers can get faster and consistent response from any channel, RM they interact with.

4. Smart Meetings
Meetings define corporate life. RMs can automate meeting recordings and action items along with tracking from completion. Minutes of the meetings and calls can be automatically sent to the customers that help both corporates and the bank track the proceedings and action points.

5. Proactive reminders
Disruptions in existing services can be avoided due to value-added and relevant corporate account health alerts to both RM and customers. Deliverables and remedial actions can be initiated by the corporate prior to due dates.

6. Know and fulfill financial needs beforehand
With smart account planning, customer can get proactive analysis of their needs based on corporate size, industry, CLV etc.

7. Advanced real time reporting
Generate custom and in depth reports that give detailed analysis of account status and health, thus enabling RMs to undertake more engagement activities.

CRMNEXT Corporate Banking Edition is a true digital corporate banking platform.

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