CRMNEXT improves adherence to turn-around-time by 400%.

Company Profile

  • Region: India

  • Revenue: USD 16.98 million

  • Industry: Insurance

  • Function: Executive, IT, marketing, operations, sales, service & support

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Some description

Naganathan Sriram

Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Reliance General Insurance

CRMNEXT has significantly improved our processes across enterprise. Now we get end-to-end visibility of information including process flows across departments and systems. Our users love it and our customers are much more happy. It is truly our star investment.


  • Leading providers of Health, Car, Home, Travel and Business insurance.
  • Network of over 200 offices spread across 173 cities in 22 states of India.
  • Founded in 2000.


  • Different processes for different customer segments.
  • Reorganize and streamline reporting systems.
  • Eliminate multiple reporting tools and constant data reconciliation.
  • Implement "one version of the truth" solution across information silos.


  • Targeted sale for corporate customers with a greater focus on relationship building.
  • Effective lead management through direct channel & telesales.
  • Lead capture through various source & distribution across agencies for a quicker inspection & sale of policy.
  • Effective customer servicing by intelligent allocation of cases to specialist teams & closures within SLA.
  • Integration between various core systems for effective customer servicing/operations management.
  • Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service & Support along with Analytics module from CRMnext..
  • Sales processes for Corporate and Government Services Group, Retail and Telesales.
  • Starting with 500 users in 2008, Reliance General Insurance has now a CRMnext user base of 950.


  • Enhanced the capabilities of customer servicing by increasing first time right (FTR) and turn around time (TAT) adherence by 400%..
  • Reduced the cost of servicing by a great margin.
  • Improved lead conversion.
  • Increased the capability of customer retention.
  • Reduced time and IT resource requirements for regulatory reporting.