HDFC Bank uses CRM to achieve its “One Bank” vision, boosting profit and customer satisfaction.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Banking and Financial Services

  • Products: Retail banking, Wholesale Banking, Treasury

  • Customers: 25 million+

  • Assets: USD 38 billion+  

  • Deposits: USD 50 billion+

  • Product Holdings: 65 million+

  • Workforce: 55,000+

  • Cities/ towns:  2,200+

  • Branches:  3,400+

  • ATMs:  11,000+

  • CRMnext Users:  25,000+

  • Database Size:  1.2 terabytes (2008-2011)

  • Website:

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Some description

Rajesh Wagh

Sr. Vice President (IT), HDFC Bank Limited

We believe in CRMnext. With over 45,000+ users & 3,000+ branches and multiple integration points, it was hard for any system to match our expectations. But with CRMnext we have enjoyed 99.9% uptime availability and seamless scalability. It just seems perfect.


  • Leading providers of loans, liability accounts and third party products with various over-the-counter products.
  • The bank also has personal banking, investment advisory and wealth management services.
  • It has 2544 branches and over 6000 ATMs in 1399 cities/ towns of India.
  • Founded in 1994.


  • Single 360° customer view
  • No banking CRM software implemented, leading to fragmented customer information in various lines of business and multiple systems
  • Fragmented process for each product line and disparate system.
  • Fragmented ownership
  • Low visibility and challenges in monitoring
  • Cumbersome process for monitoring of TAT
  • Time consuming processes for reconciliation and generation of reports.
  • Non-availability of status of fulfilment of customer forms and requests.
  • Inefficiencies in cross-sell and up-sell
  • Highly demanding and sensitive managed customer segment
  • Low visibility of information to create opportunities
  • Large customer base and associated data management challenges


  • Single 360° customer view
  • Customer insight by integration with data warehouse and other core banking applications.
  • Scalable and fault tolerant technology for hosting more than 25 million customers and 400 million related records.
  • Enhance productivity
  • Product/function specific workflows for end-to-end tracking of the fulfillment processes.
  • Consolidation and streamlining of processes across functions and product.
  • Online accessibility to customer data for more than 15000 users through an effective banking CRM software.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell capability at customer touch points
  • Intelligent segmentation of customers.
  • Empower customer service and sales teams with automated cross selling and up selling opportunities.


Sales Management

  • 208% Increase in lead conversion
  • 40% Increase in cross sell
  • 93% Improvement in sales turn-around-time
  • 61% Increase in First-Time-Right documentation

Customer Service Management

  • 92% Increase in customer loyalty index
  • 24% Increase in net promoter score
  • 30% Reduction in average customer complaints

Marketing Management

  • 23% Increase in campaign execution
  • 108% Increase campaign response rates
  • 370% Increase in lead generation

Celent Model Bank Award 2012 Winner - Customer Service Initiative

Celent is a research and consulting firm focused on the application of information technology in the global financial services industry. Their Model Bank Awards recognize a financial institution's effective use of technology in specific areas. HDFC Bank won the 2012 award in the "Customer Service Initiative" category. With a view to ensure consistent experience across channels and to enhance 360 degree view of customers, the bank partnered with CRMnext in 2007.

IBA Banking Technology Awards 2010 Winner - Best Customer Initiative

Awarded to HDFC Bank for steps undertaken to strengthen relationships with its customers in the areas of retail, corporate and rural banking. Improved CRM techniques resulted in increased customer base and loyalty.