Driving sales efficiency with a unified CRM Platform


"It was very important to have a entreprise level system that could give a holistic picture of a customer as we pride ourselves in being a customer centric bank. We found a partner in CRMNEXT that was agile and could understand the business and technology."
- Amit Sethi, President & CIO, Axis Bank

Company Profile

  • Industry: BFSI

  • Products: Corporate Banking

  • Countries: 7 Countries

  • Branches: 2,700+

  • CRMNEXT Users: 78,000+

  • Website:

Some description


Axis Bank is the third largest private bank in India. Having a turnover of more than US$6.6 billion, it offers financial services to customer segments covering Large and Mid-Sized Corporates, MSME, Agriculture and Retail Businesses


  • Integration with external and backoffice systems to provide comprehensive & actionable customer 360 degree view to RM’s.
  • Manual tracking of data and preparation of MIS reports with lag in data resulting in only a post mortem rather than timely decision making.
  • Manual and tedious tracking of action plans using spreadsheets using data from disparate systems.
  • Difficulty in co-ordinating actions and meeting plans.
  • No common system to manage opportunity pipe line across business lines & geographies.


Relationship Management

  • Integrated with 3rd party profiling sites for ready, verified customer information.
  • By recording details within the system, RMs can build rich, detailed profile and history that lays the foundation for a more meaningful, long-term business relationship.

Account Planning

  • For Existing-to-Bank Customers, track Budgets/Annual plans with current Achievements.
  • RMs can track wallet shares to ensure they’re performing in top gear!
  • Plan and execute the journey from prospect-to-opportunity-to-customer for New-To-Bank customers.

Calendar Management

  • CRMNEXT helped to drive efficiency with an intuitive, mobile feature which gives them a quick snapshot of tasks, appointments, meetings et al on a unified Calendar.

Opportunity Management

  • RMs have trashed those excel sheets and trail-mails forever. Managing an opportunity, is now super convenient with one system, online, for anytime, anywhere access.

Performance Management

  • Catalyst Performance Modeler(TM) enabled smart planning and review of RM activities from a single screen. This could roll-up on basis of hierarchies & teams
  • Real time visibility of opportunity pipeline forecasting & conversions.

The Results

  • 250% Increase in lead conversion volumes
  • 160% Increase in referral sales
  • 247% Increase in campaign ROI
  • 68% Improvement in sales turn around time
  • 40% Reduction in rework of sales process